until the purple blossom is trodden in the ground.

the very thought of you, my love

an introduction

welcome to my... weird little corner, i guess! so, im not good at a lot of things, but since i know kind of how to code, i decided to make a page dedicated to my wonderful girlfriend, lulu! we have been dating since june 12th, 2019! lulu makes me feel soft and happy and amazing and has... sparked feelings in me i didnt know i could feel. shes my princess, my sun, my moon, my stars, my sky! so, here, im making just a little page dedicated to her and our relationship. the playlist to the right is one i made for her and myself (i listen to it when i miss her haha). please enjoy!

how can I go on dear, without you?


i met lulu in late may 2019 when we joined a roleplay! we have the same friends, we just never met each other before then. the second i met her, i thought she was really funny and talented and i always had fun doing stupid stuff on calls with her. we had a joke going that we were married. however, i dmed her on discord with a random picture and we haven't stopped talking to each other since! turns out she is really funny and talented, but also kind and caring of her friends. shes so very passionate about her interests and is the most hardworking person i know. all of her friends admire her! shes always working to be better and she really is the best person i know. she makes me happy to be a lesbian, cuz i get to be in love with her! we also have a lot in common, so i can always be very open with her and laugh with her and always have an amazing time with her... she is what keeps me going and what inspires me!

there is nothing for me but to love you


this serves as a little corner full of media and images that remind me of her, or us in general. click the images for sources!

(heathers 1998)