call it what you will — a revelation from God, or a curse of the demon king.

august 17th. 2019/V1.000.014 updated journal.html..

august 11th. 2019/V1.000.013 added reference.html and reference.css.

august 9th. 2019/V1.000.012 updated journal.html.

august 5th. 2019/V1.000.011 updated journal.html and journal.css.

august 2nd. 2019/V1.000.010 added journal.html and journals.css.

august 1st. 2019/V1.000.003 added songs and updated andre's sprite on friends.html.

july 31st. 2019/V1.000.002 attempted to center index.html tabs (didnt work :( ). created journal.html and dream.html.

july 30th. 2019/V1.000.001: links.html updated. info.html updated (to-do list). condensed index/info/links.html into just index.html.

july 28th. 2019/V1.000.000: VENUSLOVE created. index.html/info.html completed. style.css completed. links.html/updates.html started. updates.css completed. friends.css completed. friends.html started. added social media on links.html.